Tenant Improvements

No matter which way you look at it, tenant improvements equal money. Alterations that improve or enhance living conditions make happy tenants. And, happy tenants are more likely to take care of and continue leasing their property as well as speak positively about their living space. Word-of-mouth advertising can be very powerful.

Building owners, on the other hand, will spend money on improvements if they can see that their investment will reduce operating costs and result in a good rate of return. So, they remodel their property, attract or maintain tenants and reap revenue. It may seem to be an over simplification, but with planning and the assistance of a good contractor, tenant improvements can be a win-win situation for everyone involved – especially in challenging economic times.

During the planning stage, a seasoned contractor can advise the property owner on budget, design features and structural concerns. During the remodeling phase, an experienced contractor can make structural or nonstructural interior modifications to the existing industrial or commercial space while adhering to budget and schedule. By creating and following a plan, property owners can avoid expensive mistakes and maximize the benefits of their investment.

Michael Mihos Construction is experienced in planning and implementing tenant improvements. Mihos has renovated scores of structures with varying degree of complexity. Mihos can schedule and coordinate responsibilities of all project staff and sub-contractors, develop and prepare initial cost breakdowns and estimates and successfully carry a project to completion.

Profile: Loma Theater Bookstar

Michael Mihos Construction renovated a landmark theater with over 4,000 square feet into a Bookstar bookstore that reflects the spirit of the 30s and 40s. This stunning tenant improvement included a structural floor system, recreation of the original movie screen and enhancement of an existing ceiling mural.

Loma Theater Bookstar
3150 Rosecrans Place
San Diego
Tenant Improvement
4,000 sq. ft.

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"The Bishop and the Diocese of San Diego want to thank you for your conscientious effort and close attention to detail to the recent remodeling of our Diocesan offices. Your work was of the highest quality. We are very pleased with the completed project and do not hesitate to recommend you for further projects."

~ Rev. Msgr. Daniel J. Dillabough, STD, JCL, Chancellor

"Mike is reputable, reliable, honest, and has the knowledge to rehab a building such as the Mason Hotel. He performed his duties diligently and worked as a team with us to solve the many surprises that remodeling an 80 year old hotel can bring."

Julie Dillon Roberts, Project Manager, Housing Opportunities, Inc.

"Mike, I don't believe I have met anyone who conducts business with a higher degree of honest and integrity than you."

Louis E. Sutter, Home Owner