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Urban development may be one of the only other beneficiaries of rising gas prices. Findings from a consumer survey by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) emphasize the need to develop urban regions as an alternative to vehicle-dependent commutes. Not exactly a ground-shaking revelation, but it does reinforce that, more than ever, Americans are examining where they live, work and play in relation to mounting transportation costs. While new construction as a whole has been adversely affected by the current economic climate, increased urban development may prove to be a silver lining in the dark cloud.

Many building experts in San Diego believe that new residential construction is evolving to attached housing and urban infill projects. The San Diego Association of Governments’ (SANDAG) 2030 Regional Growth Forecast projects an increase population growth of one million people by 2030. SANDAG also forecasts that “98% of remaining vacant developable land zoned for single family, multifamily
and mixed use will be exhausted by 2030.” With a growing population and decreasing land supply, visionary leaders and building experts must look for creative urban solutions.

San Diego has already drawn national attention for transforming downtown from an undesirable eyesore in the 70s to one of the most robust urban areas in America. Michael Mihos Construction, a leader in urban development and historic renovation for a quarter-century, played a major role in the transformation of the Gaslamp district. Hailed as “innovative” and “hands-on,” Michael Mihos Construction continues to serve their clients through flexible planning, visionary design and exacting construction techniques.

Profile: The Pipitone Building

The Pipitone Building is a mixed-use building that elegantly reflects both the past and present character of its urban neighborhood. Located in downtown San Diego, the Pipitone Building is a 25,000 sq. ft., four-story residential-commercial structure with modern flair and vintage touches. The basement and first floor include commercial space while the upper floors house 24 exposed steel, work- and-live lofts. Mihos incorporated a first floor entry, taken from an existing historic building, into the contemporary façade to create its attention-getting curb appeal.

The Pipitone Building
818-822 Sixth Avenue
San Diego, CA
New Construction
 25,000 sq. ft.

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"The Bishop and the Diocese of San Diego want to thank you for your conscientious effort and close attention to detail to the recent remodeling of our Diocesan offices. Your work was of the highest quality. We are very pleased with the completed project and do not hesitate to recommend you for further projects."

~ Rev. Msgr. Daniel J. Dillabough, STD, JCL, Chancellor

"Mike is reputable, reliable, honest, and has the knowledge to rehab a building such as the Mason Hotel. He performed his duties diligently and worked as a team with us to solve the many surprises that remodeling an 80 year old hotel can bring."

Julie Dillon Roberts, Project Manager, Housing Opportunities, Inc.

"Mike, I don't believe I have met anyone who conducts business with a higher degree of honest and integrity than you."

Louis E. Sutter, Home Owner